J-Hen On New Record “On To The Next” Ft. Yng Rell

1. Who would you compare yourself to?

Michael Jackson.

2. Making R&B music has become a hobby for some and career for others. What is it for you?

Making music for me started out as a hobby to get the girls, and it became a passion which is now my career.

3. Do you have any insane experiences related to music?

When I was on tour, theses ladies tried to sexually assault me, luckily my parents were there, and my momma don’t play. Lol

4. Based on your knowledge of music from an educational standpoint where do you think most artist are lacking?

From an educational standpoint most artist are lacking the business side of the music industry.

5. What does R&B mean to you?

R&B makes you feel some type of way. It gets you in the mood and can take you places. R&B means family togetherness.

6. Is On To The Next your break out record?

No “Sex Instructor” was on the Hot Singles Sales Chart and ranked at #8 for 13 weeks.

7. How important do you think connecting with fans can be?

Connecting with my fans is everything. I’m nothing without my fans!


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