Amy Schumer Posts Touching Message to Dad’s Doctors After He attends Her Madison Square Garden Show

Amy Schumer put all jokes aside in a touching post to her father’s doctors and nurses.

The comedian shared a video Monday of her dad Gordon — who suffers from multiple sclerosis — laughing during her historic performance at Madison Square Garden on Oct. 18.

“I want to thank all his aids and doctors and nurses and Nilda and especially Dr Sadiq for giving my dad a second chance at life,” Schumer wrote.

“He never used to be able to come watch me perform. But he is reborn with the faith you have given him. Everyone at Tisch MS research center thank you.”

Schumer’s father was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis when Amy was 12, and now lives in an assisted living facility. He was able to attend his daughter’s show which she made history as the first female comic to headline the New York City arena.

The actress later posted another image of her standing at a Tisch MS pedestal with the caption, “Very proud to serve on the board and work together to eliminate MS!”

MS is an incurable nervous system disease that disrupts the flow of information between the brain and the body. Symptoms of the disease may vary, but often include vision loss, pain, impaired coordination and difficulty moving. Schumer’s father needs the assistance of a wheelchair as a result of his symptoms.

In December, Schumer opened up about her dad’s battle with the disease, noting it’s painful to see him suffer.

“Some days he’s really good and he’s with it and we’re joking around,” she told Barbara Walters. “And some days I go to visit my dad and it’s so painful. I can’t believe it.”


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