Mercy Merci Lands J Metro His Consideration In Upcoming Grammy’s

The Houston native has been preparing himself for the 59th Annual Grammy Awards to take place February 2017. Metro is not privy to the award ceremony as he has been, considered fro the past three years, bringing even more attention to the musical scene for the Texas based artist.

The single is being considered for at least two categories, Best R&B Song and R&B Performance! The newly released record “Mercy Merci”, has already been making noise on airwaves and will soon have a video release. A true R&B record, the new single elaborates on a relationship controlled by want and need of acceptance. “Who Do you Think you are?” Just one of the phrases from the new song, that invoke emotion to the listeners ears.

J Metro has a catalog of hits including 8 billboard charting singles, and with the year closing out, we can only expect to hear a long awaited debut album from the R&B artist sometime next year. Mercy Merci will surely become a staple in Metro’s career as the single becomes a real R&B classic by its 90s jam feel. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to support this amazing artist by voting for him, and getting your download of Mercy Merci today!


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