Alicia Keys Embraces Her Roots in New Album ‘Here’

The New York City native Alicia Keys has finally released her highly anticipated album, Here on Nov. 4. The album is a 16-track homage to the concrete jungle as she returned to her hometown for a special performance at Harlem’s historic venue for the Landmarks Live in Concert series.

To top things off fans sat through the show’s opening short film, The Gospel, a narrative on Keys’ formative experiences growing up in New York City, a theme her deep cuts would later explore into by the end of the night. Shortly after 8:30 p.m., the singer appeared onto the stage and dove into a performance of “The Gospel,” striking away on her piano.

From then on into the night, the singer performed songs such as “Pawn It All,” “Kill Your Mama”,  “love letter to New York” double-track “She Don’t Really Care_1 Luv,” Illusion of Bliss,” “Blended Family (What We Do For Love)” and “More Than We Know.”

From life-lessons and self-love anthems, Keys’ Here is not only a raw detailing of her life experiences within her native land, but an open dialog about America’s current condition , her lyrics littered with aggravation and reflected mostly on the socially-charged anthem “Holy War,” the night’s closing song.


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