Madonna, Mark Ruffalo, T.I. and more celebrities join New York City anti-Trump protests

Star power fueled a handful of New York City anti-Donald Trump protests.

Madonna, Mark Ruffalo, T.I., Meek Mill and Taran Killam were among the famous faces who found themselves in the midst of New York City “Love Trumps Hate” protests on Wednesday night.

Thousands turned out across cities like New York, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, Austin and Atlanta to express that they wouldn’t buy into the hate that President-elect Trump represents.

Nearly 10,000 protesters marched down Fifth Ave. holding signs that read “Donald Trump’s Victory Doesn’t Speak for Me,” “Wall St. Is The Enemy, Not Muslims or Immigrants,” and “Liberty For All Americans, Not Hate.”

Madonna — an outspoken Hillary Clinton supporter — shared a video of marchers chanting “Not My President,” with the caption: “Need to Turn these Words into Action……….So Now What? Us Rebel <3’s Unite. N.Y.C. Start A Revolution of <3.”

The Queen of Pop is just one big name singer who was a part of the night.

Powerhouse vocalist Cher — who has turned to referring to Trump using the toilet emoji — also stood outside her hotel on Wednesday night to engage with the marchers.

“Stood on 55th &5th &Watched Young Protesters March By.They Carried Home Made Signs & Chanted,They Will Not Go Gently In2 Americas Dark Nite,” she wrote on Twitter.

Ruffalo, 48, had promised to do a full-frontal nude scene in an upcoming film if Americans voted against Trump. Now, the “Spotlight” star changed gears to join the movement against the newly-decided commander in chief.

“This is what we were out protesting tonight. It’s the hate Trump elicits from his followers,” Ruffalo tweeted.

“Saturday Night Live” alum Taran Killam was also in the mix of protests, as were rapper Meek Mill and The Roots’ member Questlove. Rapper T.I. was another star to share video of the protests that occurred the day after the election.

“The people ain’t goin for it,” he wrote on Instagram. “I’m right here wit em!!!!”


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