Method Man Not Sure Wu-Tang Clan Will Ever Reunite Again

Rapper and actor Method Man fears the Wu-Tang Clan may never come together to record another album following the drama linked to their 2014 release.

A Better Tomorrow was bashed by critics,  and despite coming together for the one-of-a-kind Once Upon a Time in Shaolin project last year, the “Bring The Pain” hitmaker can’t imagine another reunion.

“We gave it one last shot,” he told Playboy magazine, “but, you know, it wasn’t received well by the fans. And some of the Clan members didn’t like it either – the way it was done, the process and all that.

“For me, if you don’t love what you’re doing anymore, it’s time to leave that s–t the f–k alone.”

However, Method Man insists if one of his bandmates started planning another Wu-Tang project, they could count on his involvement.

“Dudes in the Clan still have that itch, and I’m a team player,” he adds, “so, if they want to go back and make another album… I’m here for it.”

Method Man’s comments emerge days after fans got the chance to hear tracks from the rare Once Upon a Time in Shaolin album, which was auctioned off for $2 million a year ago and was gained by controversial pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli.

Last month Shkreli promised to release it to the public for free if Republican candidate Donald Trump won the race to the White House.

The property mogul and reality star stunned supporters and critics alike last week when he beat Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, and Shkreli subsequently made good on his promise by streaming the new material online.


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