Bobby Shmurda Accepts Plea Deal, Will Extend Prison Sentence After Promoting Prison Contraband

Bobby Shmurda just gotten more time added to his sentence. According to Bossip, this past Thursday (Feb. 2), Shmurda accepted a plea deal after admitting that he attempted to carry a shank into jail.

The “Hot Boy” star is currently serving a seven-year sentence for conspiracy and weapons possession. Now, since he has pleaded guilty to promoting prison contraband, his time in jail will be extended by an additional 1.3 to four years.

Shmurda told Bronx Supreme Court Judge, Marc Whitten, that he did indeed try to bring in a “sharp metal object” into Rikers Island in 2015, before cops caught him.

According to prosecutors, Shmurda obtained the “sharpened metal object” from his girlfriend Kimberly Rousseau during a jail visit in Rikers Island. Like Shmurda, Rousseau pleaded guilty to the same charge of promoting prison contraband.

For the young star, he could have potentially received seven additional years hadn’t he accepted the plea deal.



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