Remy Ma & Papoose Open Up About Ectopic Pregnancy On ‘The Real’

After fans seen on LHHNY how the power couple Remy Ma and Papoose were expecting, and in the same instance suffered a loss, the two have went on The Real to really open up about their experience and how it has been for them.

Papoose spoke about how the miscarriage was the “saddest day of my life.”

“When she told me the news, I was extremely happy. We were thinking of names. I would wake up in the morning and the first thing I would see is my future child.” he further elaborated.

He continued, “For it to take a turn like that? I was just like a roller-coaster, and it went down.”

The Brooklyn rapper went on to say while he was shocked by the news, his first reaction was to make sure Remy was okay.

“Honestly, when I got the news, she had to go into emergency surgery. So, I was devastated about my child, but I was just praying, like ‘I hope my wife is going to be ok.’”

Remy then explains she had a similar experience the first time she got pregnant as a teenager.

“The bad thing with me is that this happened to me before as a teenager, the first time I ever got pregnant. I had an ectopic pregnancy then so they removed one of my tubes.”

She went on to explain, “As a female you have two fallopian tubes where the egg that gets you pregnant comes from.

“It travels down your fallopian tube and plants itself in your uterus to grow. It’s an ectopic pregnancy when the egg gets fertilized in the tube.”

The Bronx rapper revealed that since this has happened a second time, the doctors had to remove her second fallopian tube.

“Now, I can only have children through in vitro.”

Watch the video above to see the couple share their experience on The Real.


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