New Music: Mr. Melly – BeLuxury

The New York City rapper drops new music from his upcoming project! Embracing timeless excellence is what “BeLuxury” feat. Mr. Melly is all about. With a sound that’s streetwise yet elegant, “BeLuxury”, boldly announces itself as a “old-school hit”. As piano notes trill and ghostly voices float sweetly by, Mr. Melly drops bars about life, death, culture, and truth. He casually tucks them into the pocket of a swaggering beat, one that’s perfect for blasting with the car windows down.

Jamel Davon Tingman, lyrically known as Mr. Melly, is an upper east side lyricist looking to be known for his versatility and clever wordplay. By the age of 16, he was known as Young Mel. By 18, he was known as King Mel. Not satisfied with rap names he decided Melly was a good name to go with.. the Mr. followed shortly after. Throughout the years Mr. Melly has gradually studied the in’s and out’s of making good music and has dedicated his music career to not only making good music, but to also show the younger generation that everything doesn’t have to be street related or fabricated to make people listen. Now, at the age of 27 . . Mr. Melly is more in tuned with his music more than ever!

In the last two years he has managed to produce over 175 songs, 7 shows, 7 videos, 1 album, and 2 mixtapes. Dedication is an understatement of what Mr. Melly brings on his tracks. His songs are very ear catching with a splash of commercial taste.


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